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RED  is a network of agricultural education dedicated to citizenship education and international solidarity

Closely with other geographic networks and international cooperation of the Ministry in charge of regional, ADR trains and supports the actors of agricultural education in their international mobility projects (pre-departure and enhancement to return), home of foreign partners, animations and activities on the themes of sustainable power, inequality, intercultural …

This network was created in 1998 the need for teachers to create and use tools for integrating their ECSI in their teaching practices. The network is aimed at teaching teams of agricultural education for:

promote the exchange of experiences,
improve knowledge of educational tools,
promote the activities and projects of the institutions.

Two annual meetings allow members to meet. The meetings of the RED (4 days in late May-early June, Region) can discover new tools and exchange practices around the european and international citizenship education.

RED is an open network that is a member of the Education Development Educasol platform and supports youth networks in Latin America, Africa and Asia in agricultural education.

He regularly works in partnership with public institutions, local authorities and many local and national organizations involved in national awareness campaigns (Alimenterre Festival, Week of international solidarity, fair trade fortnight …).

Contact person: PhD. Julien AMOURET


Phone:0033(0)3 89 27 06 40

Réseau Education à la citoyenneté et à la solidarité internationale is a Public Body based in France (Colmar-Wintzenheim)

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