European Tavern Tool Fair booklet

/ Boite à outils

Un recueil européens d'activités à mener avec des jeunes sur le thème du monde rural et sa diversité culturelle

Origine et objectifs

captureThis booklet is a practical toolkit for volunteers,
youth workers, youth leaders and young
people in general whose aim is to work on rural development through social entrepreneurship with for and by youth work activities.

Aims of the tool

– To share ideas how to preserve and protect traditions, culture and nature in rural areas and initiate entrepreneurship to renew it by youth work activities;
– To invent new tools for developing the youth sector in related with traditions, culture, environment protection through entrepreneurship;
– To explore methods and activities on motivating and encouraging young people to stay in the villages and fight against unemployment in rural areas.

Description of the tool

Rural areas are full of traditions, culture and rich nature which are not valued enough by inhabitants who live there. Young people just leave from the villages and farms and moving to big cities with hopes to have a better lifestyle there. They believe that they will be employed there easier and faster nevertheless, this will not happen easily with everyone. Meanwhile the villages become abandoned, lost their culture and traditions, and young people even don’t recognise what they lost. So one of the biggest tasks is nowadays for youth organisations to support rural youth, young people have to fight for their cultural values of their villages, preserve and even renew the traditions, protect the natural heritages and initiate small entrepreneurships to do that and through these, employ people in rural areas in the sake of better lifestyle and keep rural area as valued as possible.
Young people have to recognise the values of culture, traditions and nature what their villages have and learn how to renew and promote it. Youth workers, youth leaders from rural areas through youth organisations can give support them nevertheless, they have to have methods and tools how they can do that.

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