How to: Happiness in Education

/ Boite à outils

Un guide européen (Concepts, outils...) qui met le bonheur au centre du processus éducatif

Origine et objectifs


Aims of the tool

This tool aims to:
1) introduce to the concept of happiness in education;
2) show how it may effect the results of learning/teaching;
3) give and analyse real-life examples and cases;
4) provide conclusiosn from the findings of the youth exchange that was a made a test-ground for the happy approach to education.

Description of the tool

The tool includes:
1) introduction to the exchange and non-formal education (NFE);
2) Comparison between NFE and standard;
3) Description of the workshops created during the youth exchange (using the approach of focusing on happiness)
4) List (with links) of workshops/activities that were used to achieve the goals/aims of the tool
5) Results, conclusions and findings.

Available downloads:

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