Volunteering: way for the future

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Fruit d'un projet européen ce guide recense de nombreuses idées d'activités pour briser la glace, interroger la notion d'engagement et organiser des débats avec des jeunes

Origine et objectifs


The brochure gathers a description of activities and methods used during the training course“Volunteering: way for the future », organized with « Erasmus: Youth in action » programme financial support.

Aims of the tool

The aim of the resources is to give youth leaders the tools to work with children and youth groups on topics around inequality and poverty.
• To raise awareness among participants about volunteering as an option for active participation in civil society.
• Promote self-reflection and learning of the concepts behind Voluntary Work.
• Encourage discussion and debate about the topic.

Description of the tool

The brochure contatin a detailed description of the methods and activities approved during the training course  » Volunteering:way for the future ». An equally important part of material are references and suggestions given by the trainer and representatives of the participating organizations, many of the whom has many years of experience in the field of voluntary work. All this makes the created tool useful for youth workers, trainers, facilitators and non-govermental organizations, especially working in the topic of volunteering.

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